Boulder Brass

4 Trumpets (doubling on piccolo, E flat, and flugelhorn)
4 Horns
2 Tenor Trombones (1st trombone also plays bass trumpet)
2 Bass Trombones
1 Euphonium
2 Tubas
2 Percussionists

Premiered by the Boulder Brass, January 2015

Available soon from Art of Sound Music

6 thoughts on “Boulder Brass

  1. Would love to see updated website — group bio and concert schedule. Dismayed and surprised to see that nothing so basic is available on your website.

    I often feature Boulder Brass performances on my Baroque Show (I work at Colorado Public Radio), but there is no info online to promote upcoming concerts.

    We like to keep our audience in the loop. And of course it is good publicity for you.
    How ’bout adding this!

    1. Hi Jean – we hear you! The group has been on hiatus, but I’m working on it again. We have 2 ‘new’ CDs I’d love to send you. May I?

      Cheers – Mike Allen for BB

  2. I heard a piece on the radio by the Boulder Brass. Couldn’t catch the title but it was by Patchelbel. Do you know what piece was it? How do I get it?

    1. Hello Howard. You heard the Ciacona in f minor by Johann Pachelbel. Thanks for checking in!

      Cheers – BB

  3. I’m attempting to check your offerings for brass choir Christmas music. However, when I slide my cursor from Brass Ensembles down to By Genre, over to Renaissance and then attempt to scroll down to Christmas music, the menu flips to By Composer. I can’t access Christmas Music that way.

    When I go the other route – Publications > Brass Ensemble > Christmas, I get an “Oops, that page can’t be found.”

    Any help in making your Christmas publications visible will be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Ken, I’ve been having some problems with the menus in this WordPress theme and have experienced the same frustrations.

      Temporarily, may I suggest you go to Art of Sound Music (

      Click on the Signature Series Tab, Click on Boulder Brass and then filter for brass ensemble & brass ensemble with narrator under instrumentation, and Christmas under the genre filter.

      Sorry that’s complicated, but that is probably the quickest temporary solution. The listings on our page would redirect you there anyway as Art of Sound is our exclusive distributor.

      Thanks for your interest and the feedback.

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