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  1. Would love to see updated website — group bio and concert schedule. Dismayed and surprised to see that nothing so basic is available on your website.

    I often feature Boulder Brass performances on my Baroque Show (I work at Colorado Public Radio), but there is no info online to promote upcoming concerts.

    We like to keep our audience in the loop. And of course it is good publicity for you.
    How ’bout adding this!

    1. Hi Jean – we hear you! The group has been on hiatus, but I’m working on it again. We have 2 ‘new’ CDs I’d love to send you. May I?

      Cheers – Mike Allen for BB

    2. Boulder Brass:

      Update my info for your files.

      Ray Conklin
      Murray State University

  2. I heard a piece on the radio by the Boulder Brass. Couldn’t catch the title but it was by Patchelbel. Do you know what piece was it? How do I get it?

    1. Hello Howard. You heard the Ciacona in f minor by Johann Pachelbel. Thanks for checking in!

      Cheers – BB

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