Texture 2

In 4 Dimensional Texture, I identified the 4 basic groupings within a brass ensemble. Today, I’ll tackle the second of those – writing for a family within the group (i.e. trumpets, trombon... Read More

Inside the Score

It’s been awhile. Life happens and we all get busy. I’ve also been searching for some inspiration. It’s opera season and Opera Colorado is currently presenting a fabulous production ... Read More

Farnaby’s Conceit

The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book comprises nearly 300 works composed for keyboard by notable English court composers from the time of Queen Elizabeth. William Byrd, GIles Farnaby, John Bull, Orlando Gibb... Read More

Breaking up the romance

Too soon? I’m having too much fun with these titles. I promised to talk about the decision to transpose this movement of Robert Schumann’s Romance Opus 94 No 1 from A minor to G minor. The... Read More

More advice on romance

I failed to mention yesterday that all three Opus 94 romances for 423.11 brass ensemble are available from Art of Sound Music by clicking here. And a brief digression. One of the things I appreciated ... Read More

Schumann Romances

…orchestrated for brass. I’ve loved Robert Schumann’s Opus 94 Romances since the 80’s. I heard them first on a cello recital, and then Floyd Cooley released a solo album with h... Read More

Con mortuis in lingua mortua

Finding solid musical solutions isn’t always about being clever. It’s usually about consistently making good common sense choices – sometimes there are more than one. Pictures at an ... Read More

When a chart goes off the rails

I finished this Brahms Intermezzo (Opus 117, Number 3) yesterday, though I tweaked a few things this morning as I was getting this post organized. It was no surprise that when I got to page 3 of the p... Read More

Little Red Riding Hood

Etude Tableaux Opus 39, No 6 by Serge Rachmaninoff – live performance by the Boulder Brass from February 2013 Brass ensemble arrangement available by clicking here I’ve been a big fan of R... Read More