Brass Quintet Discography

The focus of this discography is to “unearth” and highlight the hard work of professional 
brass quintets all over the world that have recorded original works for brass quintet. To that end,
this discography comprises only known recordings that include at least one original work for brass quintet


Represented within these pages are over 225 ensembles having recorded more than 430 projects dating

back to the Chicago Symphony Brass Ensemble in Concert (1954) - the earliest recording in the collection.

Considerable effort was made to verify information in this record. There are still missing pieces either because the information wasn’t readily available, or it simply could not (yet) be verified.

The navigation also admittedly leaves something to be desired. Recordings are currently organized alphabetically
by ensemble name and then chronologically (if a group has recorded more than once). To load more recordings,
click on the Load More button at the bottom of the page. To view the full record of any recording (which includes
label, catalog number, release year, full personnel, and the program on the recording divided into categories),
click the info button on the recording's card. Clicking on the Return to Index button on any
recording profile will bring you back to this index page.

There are undoubtedly other worthy recordings that are not included here. Since the goal is to create a 
comprehensive record, omissions should be viewed as unintentional. It's a work in progress.

Please send corrections and submissions for inclusion by
clicking here.

Aarhus Brass Quintet

Aarhus Brass Quintet 1


Albany Brass Ensemble

The Albany Brass Ensemble


All Star Brass

Live in Concert 2011


Aarhus Brass Quintet

Aarhus Brass Quintet 2


All Star Brass

Live in Concert 2009


All Star Brass

Toccata & Fugue Live!


Adelaide Brass Quintet

Adelaide Brass Quintet


All Star Brass

Live in Concert 2010


American Brass Quintet

Music for Brass Quintet


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