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Summit Hill Brass Quintet

American as Apple Pie

David Baldwin, trumpet

Pam Humphrey, trumpet

Gwen Anderson, horn

David Stevens, trombone

Scott Anderson, tuba


United States

Original Works for Brass Quintet

Barron, Samuel - Impressions of a Parade

Jones, Collier - Four Movements for Five Brass

Digressions for Brass Quintet

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet
Early Consort and Tower Music for Brass (Gabrieli, Pezel, Holborne, etc.)
Editions, arrangements, and transcriptions

Anderson, Leroy - Bugler’s Holiday

Old American Songs, Volume I


Old American Songs, Volume II

A Black Smoke

Sousa, John Philip - Fairest of the Fair

Filmore, Henry - The Circus Bee

Tournament Galop

Joplin, Scott - Bethena, a Concert Waltz

Notes and featured or additional musicians

External link to purchase recording

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