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Brass Ring

Brass Ring 2

Neil Mueller, trumpet

Claire Newbold, trumpet

Laura Klock, horn

David Kayser, trombone

Karl Kramer, tuba

Crystal Records

CD 561

United States

Original Works for Brass Quintet

Berio, Luciano - Call (St. Louis Fanfare)

Ewald, Victor - Quintet No. 1, Opus 5

Kelly, Bryan - Suite Parisienne

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet
Early Consort and Tower Music for Brass (Gabrieli, Pezel, Holborne, etc.)
Editions, arrangements, and transcriptions

Praetorius, Michael - Dances from Terpsichore

Gabrieli, Giovanni - Sacro tempio d’Honore

Gabrieli, Giovanni - S’al discopir

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Brinet dem Herrn Here seines Namens

Notes and featured or additional musicians

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