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Canadian Brass

High, Bright, Light, and Clear - the Glory of Baroque Brass

Fred Mills, trumpet

Ronald Romm, trumpet

Graeme Page, horn

Eugene Watts, trombone

Charles Daellenbach, tuba

RCA Red Seal Digital

ARC 1-4574


Baroque and Renaissance Works for Brass Quintet

Scheidt, Samuel - Galliard Battaglia

Mouret, Jean Joseph - Rondeau

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Brandenberg Suite

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Prelude and Fugue on the Name “BACH”

Purcell, Henry - Suite

Boyce, William - Suite

Reiche, Gottfried - Ablasen

Clarke, Jeremiah - Trumpet Voluntary “The Prince of Denmark’s March”

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet
Notes and featured or additional musicians

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