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Philip Jones Brass Ensemble

Music for the Courts of Europe

Elgar Howarth, trumpet

Rod Franks, trumpet

Frank Lloyd, horn

Roger Harvey, trombone

John Fletcher, tuba

London Records

417 524-2

United Kingdom

Baroque and Renaissance Works for Brass Quintet

Henry VIII - Rose Without a Thorn

Scarlatti, Domenico - Sonata Kk 394

Scarlatti, Domenico - Sonata Kk 230

Scarlatti, Domenico - Sonata Kk 211

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet

Farnaby, Giles - Mal Sims

Farnaby, Giles - His Dreame

Farnaby, Giles - His Humour

Bull, Sir John - Pavane

Bull, Sir John - The King’s Hunting Jig

Gibbons, Orlando - In Nomine

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Suite (from the English and French Keyboard Suites)

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Brandenburg Concerto No. 3

Notes and featured or additional musicians

Additional musicians: Joseph Atkins & Nigel Gomm – trumpets; Christopher Mowat & David Purser – trombones; David Stewart – bass trombone

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