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Western Brass Quintet

Old English Songs and Dances

Stephen Jones, trumpet

Scott Thornburg, trumpet

Lin Foulk, horn

Daniel Mattson, trombone

Deanna Swoboda, tuba

Summit Records

DCD 537

United States

Baroque and Renaissance Works for Brass Quintet

Dowland, John - Suite: Songs and Dances

Adson, John - Masques and Antimasques

Holborne, Anthony - Dances from “Pavens, Almains, and other Short Aiers both Grave and Light”

Purcell, Henry - Fantasy on One Note

Purcell, Henry - “My Dearest, My Fairest”

Purcell, Henry - “Sound the Trumpet”

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet
Notes and featured or additional musicians

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