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PIT Editions

I spent most of my performing career in the opera and ballet pit. Ballet orchestra parts can be frustrating and are often reproductions of the original hand written parts, sadly lacking clarity and important pieces of information that are critical to efficient use of limited rehearsal time. Choreographers are also notorious for changing the sequence of numbers which leads to awkward page turns, causing musicians to flip back and forth.

PIT Editions (acronym for Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky) was born out of an edition I made of The Nutcracker for Colorado Ballet in 2015. For decades, we had played from the old Kalmus parts and made a number of custom cuts and alterations, and instrumentation compromises. The musicians in the orchestra had become expertly adept at making due with the extant parts, but if there was ever an emergency substitute musician, the musical product would suffer.

PIT EDITIONS features include:

Corrected and carefully proofread parts and score

Uniform and consistent rehearsal numbers and letters
Eliminates lost rehearsal time

Uniform and consistent titling for individual pieces

Thoughtful and strategic page turns

Parts are printed in Broadway style portfolio format
Librarians can easily change order or omit numbers
No more sticky note page markers and hasty quantum page turns


Parts are printed on over sized, 80 lb white text stock
Maximum contrast for dark pits

Modern transpositions 

Clarinets in A and/or B flat; Horns in F; Trumpet & Cornet in C; Trombones in tenor and/or bass clef only



Adolphe Adam


Felix Mendelssohn
Midsummer Night's Dream (complete incidental music - also includes Ruy Blas Overture)

Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky
The Nutcracker

Sleeping Beauty

Swan Lake

Modeste Mussorgsky
Pictures at an E

(new orchestration premiered by the Boulder Philharmonic in 2007)



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