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Atlantic Brass Quintet

En Concert

Joseph Foley, trumpet

Jeffrey Luke, trumpet

Luis Garcia, horn

John Faieta, trombone

John Manning, tuba

Narbonne Festival Winning Artist

United States

Original Works for Brass Quintet

Jevtic, Ivan - Quintette

Jevtic, Ivan - 2ème Quintette de cuivres

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet
Early Consort and Tower Music for Brass (Gabrieli, Pezel, Holborne, etc.)
Editions, arrangements, and transcriptions

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Toccata et fugue en ré mineur, BWV 565

Barber, Samuel - Adagio

Boyce, William - Suite

Gershwin, George - An American in Paris

Waller, Thomas "Fats" - Handful of Keys Fats Waller

Gershwin, George - Porgy and Bess Suite

Notes and featured or additional musicians

External link to purchase recording

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