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Aries Brass Quintet


F. Joseph Docksey, trumpet

Eric Hansen, trumpet

Sally Ann Wilcox, horn

Joseph Martin, trombone

Kathleen Brantigan, tuba

Denver Brass Recordings

DB 7701-2

United States

Original Works for Brass Quintet

Maslanka, David - Arise

Oblov, Oleg - Fairy Tale Characters

Hanson, Dave - Elegy and Dance

Lenno, John - Four Piece Vignettes

Lande, Art - Prayer for Bruno

Stallings, Les - Amazing Grace

Hanson, David - Fantasy on America the Beautiful

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet
Early Consort and Tower Music for Brass (Gabrieli, Pezel, Holborne, etc.)
Editions, arrangements, and transcriptions
Grainger, Percy - Sussex Mummer’s Carol
Notes and featured or additional musicians

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