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Colonial Song
  • Colonial Song

    SKU: BBBQ890203

    Grainger writes "No traditional tunes of any kind are made use of in this piece, in which I have wished to express feelings aroused by thoughts of the scenery and people of my native land (Australia), and also to voice a certain kind of emotion that seems to me not untypical of native-born Colonials in general."


    Originally scored in 1911 for soprano, tenor, harp and full orchestra in 1911 - arranged here from Grainger's own piano score. This arrangement is deceptively difficult - it will challenge group intonation, ensemble, and endurance and can be an excellent team building exercise.

    • Arranger

      Michael Allen

    • Duration

      5' 00"

    • Instrumentation

      211.01 Brass Quintet

      2 Trumpets in B flat, Horn, Trombone, Tuba

    • Difficulty

      Grade 4 - college / university ensemble

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