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Rondeau - Fanfare for the King's Supper
  • Rondeau - Fanfare for the King's Supper

    SKU: BBBQ050901

    This now instantly recognizable music was originally written for the court of Louis XV, King of France. The stirring piece by composer Jean-Joseph Mouret (1682-1738), is the first movement of his First Suite in D, from his second book of Fanfares for Trumpets, Kettledrums, Violins and Oboes (published in Paris, ca. 1729). It is also known as Rondeau and more recently in popoular culture as the theme from Masterpiece Theatre.

    The arranger writes..."This is from the 'charts that don't hurt' series. I had originally made a much more difficult version of the famous Rondeau, but it was practically useless in situations where it was really needed (weddings and graduations)."

    • Composer

      Jean Joseph Mouret

    • Arranger

      Michael Allen

    • Duration

      2' 00"

    • Instrumentation

      211.01 Brass Quintet

      2 Trumpets in B flat, Horn, Trombone, Tuba

    • Difficulty

      Grade 3 - advanced high school ensemble

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