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New York Brass Quintet

Baroque Brass

Allan Dean, trumpet

Robert Nagle, trumpet

Paul Ingraham, horn

John Swallow, trombone

Harvey Phillips, tuba

RCA Red Seal

LSC 2938

United States

Baroque and Renaissance Works for Brass Quintet

Purcell, Henry - Allegro and Air from King Arthur

Pezel, Johann - Sonata No. 22 from “Hora Decima”

Purcell, Henry - Music for Queen Mary II

Holborne, Anthony - Five Pieces

Adson, John - Two Ayres for Cornetts and Sagbuts

Susato, Tielman - Three Dances

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Contrapunctus IX from Art of Fugue, BWV 1080

Speer, Daniel - Sonata from “Die Bankelsängerlieder”

Gabrieli, Giovanni - Canzona per sonare No. 2

Des Prez, Josquin - Royal Fanfare

Glasel, John (editor) - 16th Century Carmina

Purcell, Henry - Two Trumpet Tunes and Ayre

Monteverdi, Claudio - Suite for Brass Instruments

Reiche, Gottfried - Sonata No. 19 from 24 Neue Quatricinia

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Contrapunctus I from Art of Fugue, BWV 1080

Original Works for ensembles smaller or larger than Brass Quintet
Notes and featured or additional musicians

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